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Massages can help by reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension. Improving circulation, energy and alertness. Lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Beyond the physical benefits there are also mental and emotional benefits as well! Energy Healing is a pleasant and powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction to health and well-being. Listed below are most of the services offered but we do offer many more!  
Call us today to book your appointment! We have same day appointments if needed!
Elise Van Riper
Massage Therapist / Functional Movement Specialist
Functional movement specialist and massage therapist. Twenty years of experience specializing in integrating a variety of therapeutic massage techniques as necessary for the best healing benefits possible. 
Justin Oliver
Personal Trainer / Body Work Technician / Nutrition Coach
Justin has been in athletics since he was a young teen, playing ball sports until finding his love of parkour and martial arts. While in college for music, he used weight lifting and running to supplement his vocal power in singing. It wasn't until he moved to Humboldt that he rekindled his love for martial arts, studying tactical and functional fitness and human biology to gain an edge as he competed for multiple Gold's in Jiu Jitsu. Combat comes with injuries, and he learned massage and physical therapy movement systems to heal them, becoming a massage and structural therapist. He now specializes in functional strength, weight loss, posture correction, pain relief, and sport specific performance enhancement as a personal trainer and body work practitioner.
Marissa Vaudo
Massage Therapist
My health is the guide for my life. Through the years I have gained many tools to heal myself and am honored to use that wisdom to heal others. I am trained and certified in nutrition, Chi Hatha Yoga, sport/medical rehab, massage, childbirth, and spiritual counseling. My training began at Moore College of Art and Design when I studied human body mechanics for 2 years as an art student with nude models and hours of intense homework drawing the bones, muscles and human body in stillness and in motion. I have been practicing massage for 6 years and am a graduate of Loving Hands School of Massage in Fortuna. Here at Body Tuners I offer my knowledge and service as a massage therapist. I use deep intuition along with multiple modalities to create a plan for my clients to relieve their pain and strengthen the relationship they have with their bodies so together we can build a healthy, happy and well adjusted person. The modalities I combine in my work are trigger point therapy, tendon plucking, myofascial release, assisted stretch, energy work to release and restructure somatic memory along with traditional deep tissue, Swedish and lymphatic drainage. 90 minutes is the suggested first appointment with me so there is plenty of time to work with each part the body and fine tune our treatment plan. I specialize in piriformis syndrome, sciatic syndrome and psoas release. I do not judge or discriminate based on gender, sexuality, neurodivergence and welcome special needs clients.

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Good for one 30-minute massage with either Elise, Justin, or Marissa. Appointment required. Not good for gratuity.

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